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What Others Say

“I recently went to Treacy to seek help with an emotional blockage I was experiencing in my life. From start to finish, I felt at ease in her presence and what I experienced in her hands was nothing short of angelic in its feel. Afterwards, things began to clear for me and I was able to regain momentum in my life for myself and the decisions I was making. I would highly recommend Treacy and her spiritual counselling as a guide, support and assistance to help you in those times when you just need it.”

Catherine, February 2017

“Treacy is inspirational and intuitive in guiding her clients through positive transformational change. She is non-judgemental, has a Heart of Gold and is a great healer. I would recommend Treacy to those who would like to evolve and grow in new ways!”

Aisling Killoran, Accomplish Change Clinic, Dublin

“Treacy is a true gem. She is talented, passionate, and highly skilled. She is motivated to make the world a better place and helps individuals, groups and companies realise their true power and potential.”

Ruairi McKiernan, Social Innovations Campaigns Fulbright Fellow

“I was about 7 months pregnant when I attended the “Mother Rites of Danu” with Treacy, feeling completely overwhelmed and scared. My own mother had passed away as had my maternal grandmother and I felt an urge to connect with a sense of motherhood in some way. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect or what I wanted to achieve from attending. Treacy held a safe space to explore motherhood and all emotions, fears and thoughts associated with that. She helped me explore the type of person I wanted to be as a mother and as a result I felt strong enough within myself to step into that new role with courage and love. It marked a turning point for me in my pregnancy and I was able to relax into it, enjoy it and allow myself to be myself.”

Paula, Life Coach, Dublin

“Ten years on, my fond memories of Treacy’s remarkable and infectious energy haven’t faded even slightly. She’s insightful and instinctive in her dealings with everyone, is always prepared to see and bring out the best in people, but is no-one’s fool. She cares about what she does and does what she cares about. We still miss her at II, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Dylan Cotter, Executive Creative Director at Irish International, Dublin

“I highly recommend Treacy O’Connor’s Women’s Wisdom Circle to anyone who is interested in healing or reclaiming any part of their femininity.  I attended these circles during the Autumn 2015 – Spring 2016 period, finding myself in the company of diverse women of all ages who were interested in exploring themes of innocence, power, wisdom, sexuality and play.  We were expertly and gently led through deep exploration and discovery under the leadership of the incomparable Treacy O’Connor.  Treacy is deeply imbued with understanding, acceptance, humour and light-heartedness along with an impeccable professionalism, against the backdrop of an understanding of native, indigenous Irish culture and mythology, and the pantheon of Celtic gods.  Benefits of these workshops include greater feelings of ease in all aspects of life along with an appreciation of the rare traditions of this land.”

Adrienne, Artistic Director, Choreographer and Dance facilitator

“Treacy helped motivate me and clear away blocks that were slowing down my progress. After our sessions together I felt much more confident and inspired to move forward. I would recommend some sessions with Treacy to anyone feeling a little stuck or lacking motivation or a clear path forward.”

Georgina Kearney, CFO & Co-Founder at Mint Tek Circuits Ltd.

“Treacy is an amazing listener and facilitator. She is always seeing the positive in every situation and thus helps to bring you to a new level. She is a kind, organized and inspiring woman and I always felt accepted and understood by her.”

Maya Benharroch, Intuitive Relationships Coach

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