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Who Am I?

Who am I? I struggled to answer this question for many years. In fact, in writing this, I still do somewhat, but I have a better sense now than I ever did.

I am the sum of my many life experiences, from the fast paced and high flying lifestyle of a Global communications executive based in Paris, London and Dublin to running a communications business focussed on corporate social responsibility and bridging global cultural gaps, to being a corporate sales rep, whilst becoming a mother and discovering a deeper sense of myself, training in alternative health therapies and starting a process of opening my heart that led me to peel back the many layers of who I thought I was. (See my LinkedIn profile for more detail)

Who I am today, is a woman with an incredibly deep sense of heart connection to all that is – myself, Spirit, the Earth and other travellers in this journey of life.  I have stared many fears in the face, which in the past, froze me solid but I now manage to welcome and embrace these fears as signposts of the next layers to be acknowledged and integrated so I can shine more brightly to show others the light at the end of the apparent tunnel of darkness.

I am passionate about connecting the dots through the passage of the heart, reminding people of their own humanity, improving their ability to connect with themselves internally, so they can reach their full potential, and externally, with each other to achieve more productive, harmonious and inspiring collaborations.

I am deeply compassionate, warm, open hearted, empathetic, fun loving, authentic, inspirational, honest and straight to the point with a passion for Celtic spirituality. For me, ancient Ireland was a land where magic, music, poetry and wisdom were central to life, and were combined and understood by the ancient Celtic ancestors who recognised that all that exists is one, that we are of nature, not above it, and that balance, good health, and true wisdom were to be found by honouring nature, harmonizing with it and listening to it.

“Every human heart is full of longing. You long to be happy, to live a meaningful and honest life, to find love and to be able to open your heart to someone; you long to discover who you are and to learn how to heal your own suffering and become free and compassionate.

In the world of Celtic spirituality, people and things were never placed in bleak isolation from each other. Everything was connected and there was a sense of the fluent flow of presences in and out of each other. The physical world was experienced as the shoreline of an invisible world which flowed underneath it and whose music reverberated upwards…. The Celtic universe was the homeland of the inspirational and the unexpected.”

-Excerpt from “Eternal Echoes” by John O’Donohue

Specialities:OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counselling, Ceremonies & Rites of Passage, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Psyche-K, Reiki, Networking, Conflict Resolution, Personal & Organisational Development, Facilitation, Team Building, Connecting, Coaching

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