Chinks in the armour as light shines through the dark chasms

Amongst the constant reminders on all media of what Trump has done next, it is hard not to feel despair. Heavy hearts for the future of humanity. Executive Orders for all US Ambassadors to quit their posts, building walls instead of bridges, removal of all content related to climate change from the white house website, an end of protection of endangered species, advancement of Keystone & Dakota pipelines, clamping down on affordable healthcare and right to abortion, not to mention the extreme vetting denying refugees and immigrants entry to the US. It makes for heavy reading. A fear of descent to the dark ages is rife and that’s just in his first week in office.

There is however an incredible counter surge of hope, unity, compassion, humanity and desire to do what serves us, right across the globe. The post inauguration women’s march, seeing close to 5 million men, women and children march to express their desire for a better world. Mayor of New York city, Bill de Blasio, vowing to stand up for ALL citizens, no matter what their culture or creed. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s immediate reaction to the Muslim ban, to welcome anyone fleeing persecution, terror or war, regardless of their faith, recognising that diversity is indeed a strength. Unity can be achieved by celebrating our differences. Ex US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, declaring that she is ready to join the Muslim registry. The American Civil Liberties Union succeeding in securing an emergency order to ban deportation following Trump’s order and scores of immigration lawyers dropping everything to help those detained in JFK airport pro bono.
More and more ordinary and extraordinary people around the world are creating cracks of light in the dark veil that held us for such a long long time. The cracks are now giant chasms and everytime we breakthrough some more we extend the net of Light even more.

It’s easy to get bogged down, heavy hearted and caught up in the fear that comes from the shadows. It is better for our mental, emotional and spiritual health to seek out the positives – of which there are many. Better still, let’s take into consideration the theory of quantum entanglement, an experiment carried out by scientists in Geneva in 1997 that proves that all energy is connected across time and space. We all originated from a single source. So on some level, we are all connected – even to Trump.

In order to shine or brightest we have to process, embrace and release all fears to radiate at the highest level.  This involves accepting the fact that we are all connected – the good, the bad and the ugly. Everything we witness and experience in the world is an aspect of our humanity. A reflection of where we have come from and glimpses of where we are going. More and more people like you and me, are waking up to what works and what doesn’t. What is acceptable or not in this crazy world. I believe Trump is in power to show us exactly what craziness we have accepted – he is there to wake humanity up to what is not acceptable, so we can finally start living out what is acceptable.

So what do we do about it. For me the most radical thing we can each do, is take a long hard look at ourselves – what are we afraid of? Where do we feel that in ourselves? What stops us from living from the heart? What is it that makes us sick to the stomach when we look at the state of the world? What personal memories does it conjur up? We have to make this personal. We have to remove all the disconnections and beliefs of separation that creates chasms between our fears and what we love. It’s time to embrace our fears instead of pushing them away. Accept that they are signposts to a better way of life and all life is a combination of dark and light. One cannot exist without the other.

What we can change is our perception of what each means. Seen from the higher perspective of the Divine – all is in perfect order. Change happens in the direction of our feelings. If we change our feelings to positive ones about the possibilities, like Dr Masaru Emoto so diligently researched, dedicating his life’s work to proving how the molecular structure of water (of which we humans comprise over 70%) is affected by thoughts and feelings – human consciousness, we can therefore indeed change the nature of how life flows.
It is important however, that we start with ourselves. Each of us, needs to own our fears, face them, dance with them and move through them. Let the reflection of what we perceive is dark in the world, be a reflection of what is dark in us. Let’s own it. And change it. One at a time.
Let our hearts break through instead if breaking down. And together, we can change the course of humanity to the better world we know is possible.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen

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