What if our hearts are the seeds that need nurturing right now

Consider this... at the moment of our conception, the beginning of our biological journey, two separate entities merge to create a new life - us. The first and most vital of organs is formed and starts spontaneously beating after just 4 weeks. What if we were to consider that our hearts are the driving force [...]

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Chinks in the armour as light shines through the dark chasms

Amongst the constant reminders on all media of what Trump has done next, it is hard not to feel despair. Heavy hearts for the future of humanity. Executive Orders for all US Ambassadors to quit their posts, building walls instead of bridges, removal of all content related to climate change from the white house website, [...]

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Over 4 million lights come out to shine around the world

My heart is swelling today as are the hearts of millions around the world, witnessing the outpouring of solidarity, connection, integrity, pure desire for truth and meaning, following the inauguration of America's dark knight. Politicus USA published an article claiming the women's march is the biggest protest in US history, estimating 2.9 million people came [...]

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All Life Wants to Grow… so just get out of the way

All Life Wants to Grow. Seems obvious? Let's just think about that for a minute... Let's take teenagers for example. Being a mother to a teenage daughter, I have certainly questioned her desire to evolve in society - not wanting to go to school, not wanting to get out of pyjamas, watching youtube videos, snapchats, [...]

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The importance of true connection through tumultuous times

Isn't it ironic, that the technology that is said to connect us to a web of resources, claiming that we have never before been more "connected" is in fact the very tool that disconnects us - from ourselves, from each other and from nature. This I believe is the most common cause of depression and [...]

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Without the darkness we wouldn’t be able to see the bright stars

This may seem obvious, but there is a deeper revelation for us, particularly at this time of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. The world is steeped in a chaotic fear. Terrified of what the new US president will usher forth. The realisation that greed has ruled the world and we have lost our sense [...]

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Being more real than what I think is real…

My Interfaith Ministry training really holds no prisoners... I am experiencing such a profound emergence and re-connection with what is real, which is completely in line with who I am and my service. I have always sought out the truth. I hold a depth of wisdom and authenticity that is beyond me. Quite literally, it's [...]

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Letting go with ease… It’s certainly not easy!

Processing emotions and letting go is bloody hard, especially when we are dealing with emotions that have been buried for an age. Buried so deep, they have been relegated to the subconscious realm. So when something cosmic comes along, like the recent supermoon, to affect us all on some level, however well we may seem [...]

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