Being more real than what I think is real…

My Interfaith Ministry training really holds no prisoners… I am experiencing such a profound emergence and re-connection with what is real, which is completely in line with who I am and my service. I have always sought out the truth. I hold a depth of wisdom and authenticity that is beyond me. Quite literally, it’s bigger than me. My job is to be clear enough to recognise the absolute truth of this wisdom and to not allow my own stuff, shadow or whatever you want to call it, get in the way.
So at times I like to think I am being as authentic and real as possible, in fact there’s a great big shadow blocking my view. But I can’t see it.
It’s a very subtle thing – just a shade off clear vision – making it very hard to recognise.
So recently in supervision for my training, the inspiration came to look deeper – am I really being honest with myself? There is a very fine line between what I think is being authentic and truly being authentic.
That’s where true sovereignty comes in. Being woman or man enough to not only own, but recognise when there’s something lurking in your awareness, hiding the truth.These past few weeks have been quite intense for most people I know. There are phenomenal changes taking place – ones that we are very uneasy about. These are unchartered waters we navigate.
The most important thing we can do, for ourselves and each other in this turbulence, is to learn how to center ourselves, and practice that, every     single      day. There are many ways of finding your centre. It could be meditation or yoga, or gardening, swimming, dancing or walking. Whichever it is, go with the practice that you connect with most, the one that finds you the most inner peace and sense of strength. Like the spiral dynamics of a storm, if we’re not in the eye, we’re swept along by the surrounding chaos.Then, not only can we find centre in ourselves, but we can connect with the Divine source of all that is and ground ourselves with the Earth we stand on. Both equally important. When we can achieve this on a daily basis, miracles happen.

Next weekend, I have the honour of co-facilitating a beautiful retreat with Ciara Young, near the Hill of Uisneach – Sowing the Seeds of Sovereignty – Into the depths of Winter. I love how this retreat has unfolded. Ciara very much holds the wisdom of the Divine, Greater Cosmos. It would seems that I am much more of the land, particularly the ancient Celtic land. Uisneach is said to be where the Goddess Eriu is buried. She is the Goddess of Sovereignty, one of the ancient shining ones – The Tuatha Dé Dannan. Together, we will be holding a deep space of feminine wisdom to emerge in each participant. We will explore what seeds the depths of Winter hold for us so we can emerge ready to shine forth and thrive with our individual authentic selves.

If you feel like this might be for you, pre-booking is required before Wednesday 7th December online or contact us for more information

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