Without the darkness we wouldn’t be able to see the bright stars

This may seem obvious, but there is a deeper revelation for us, particularly at this time of uncertainty and fear of the unknown.
The world is steeped in a chaotic fear. Terrified of what the new US president will usher forth. The realisation that greed has ruled the world and we have lost our sense of connection with each other and nature. Fear for what this means for humanity. Are we losing the plot completely?
The idea that we cannot exist without the darkness has been coming up very strongly for me recently. A sense that we are right on track and that everything is as it should be. Light cannot exist without the darkness and darkness cannot exist without light. It is important not to favour one over the other or to blame one for overpowering the other. Balance of both is key. Without the dark, the light wouldn’t be able to shine so brightly. We only have to go outside on a clear night to witness the luminosity of the stars for confirmation of this. When everything is too bright, the stars are invisible to us.
What if we accept the darkness that has shaped us to date – the traumas and painful experiences we have been through. Consider each situation and person who brought this experience as one who was helping to shape your inner diamond so that you can shine your brightest through these testing times of potential overwhelming darkness.
Today, more than ever, both light and dark need to be brought into balance to co-exist through the heart. We need to be grateful to our darker experiences for pointing the way and holding the space for our light to emerge. We need no longer be afraid of the dark – we need it to guide us. The more afraid we are, the more we push it away and hence we deny our whole experience – we only live from a one-sided perspective – which we may think is light, but in fact reveals itself as the darkness we try to escape!
Time to embrace the dark side. These challenging times are guiding the way for a new collaborative world. We are being shown what doesn’t work so that we can change it for what works for everyone, not just a few. If everything was to stay the same, we wouldn’t want to change it. It’s all good.

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