What if our hearts are the seeds that need nurturing right now

Consider this… at the moment of our conception, the beginning of our biological journey, two separate entities merge to create a new life – us. The first and most vital of organs is formed and starts spontaneously beating after just 4 weeks.

What if we were to consider that our hearts are the driving force of our lives, not our heads. And rather than imagining two entities coming together to form a new being, consider the amount of Love that is the primary force of nature required to form this precious seed.
This Love is a mystery. Countless poets and musicians have attempted to recreate the feeling connected to that word, but try as they might, we have to acknowledge it is a force that goes beyond anything we will ever comprehend.
We feel Love. It is not something to think about – although it leads us down many paths of meandering contemplations – Love is a feeling that connects us to the Divine – the Nature of all things, the Essence of all Life.

As we continue our growth cycle, as new borns, we are pure love embodied. Innocence, purity, soft, sweet, Loveliness. All we require to grow is nourishment and a reflection of more Love. Our hearts beat strong and the force of nature stretches our bodies, our minds and our emotions.
We have all chosen different life experiences, so that we can evolve in our own unique ways. Finding the reflection of love can be difficult. We experience traumas, trials, tribulations as well as fun, laughter and connection. But our primary method of coming to terms with all these life events, figuring out the whys, hows, whens and whats, is our head. We are brought up in a world dominated by the head. We are taught how to think and even what to think. We are taught how to be, how to act, how to speak, how to do everything. We become our thoughts. We become taught. Disciplined and trained. We don’t need to teach a baby to walk, their natural evolutionary progression and innate wisdom kicks in when the time is right for them and they walk, all by themselves (if there are no other physical factors to consider). In this thought dominated world, the centre of balance shifts at an early stage from our hearts to our heads. As we experience our lives, we feel a range of emotions, but we rationalise those emotions. We store them in compartments in our minds and bodies and they shape our behaviour as we grow.
We aren’t taught how to deal with these emotions. We aren’t taught how to feel our way through life and trust that everything is actually perfect and there is absolutely nothing wrong with us. We are brought up in a society driven by fear rather than love. A society that wants to fix us.

So what if we were to nurture our hearts more than our heads. Would we know how to do that? For most of us it’s a concept that’s way too scary to even contemplate, because of the stored painful memories. Let’s b r e a t h e… our bodies automatic response to a heavy topic… a breath of fresh air that brings lightness to our lungs that surround our hearts.
Then, let’s notice how our hearts are feeling. Is there any tightness? If so, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you feel that tightness? Where does it come from? What does it want to express to you? If we can manage to bring the active energy from our heads down to our hearts and allow the natural process of Life to unfold from this true centre of our Being, we can return to balance and flow in Life.
Like any seed, our hearts need the right nurturing environment to thrive. The best we can do right now, is to acknowledge this power centre within us and to imagine that as we have grown, we have sprouted energetic roots into the Earth and simultaneously stretched our energetic branches to reach to the Heavens. I believe this is the case. We are all connected to the land. We feel it when we return to nature. We take a deep breath when we walk in the forest or stand by the ocean. We fill our lungs with
Life. We feel grounded when we walk, particularly barefoot on the earth and at any occasion we get, we lift our faces to soak up the sunlight. We are beautiful, living, walking, talking, breathing and loving, plants, whose core is our heart. We have forgotten. Let us Re-Member. LOVE. Our Evolutionary force of Nature. Let us cultivate our hearts.

“Love is not an emotion. It is your very existance.” Rumi

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