Super Moon, Super Women, Super Intentions

I was deeply honoured to host a Women’s Wisdom Circle in the Southern Irish coastal town of Clonakilty last Saturday. Given the time of the year, it was appropriate that we honour our inner Crone. The wise woman who resides within and emerges in her glory towards our latter years. Represented by the Cailleach (the Celtic Crone Goddess) she is strong, wise, knows who and what she wants in her life and she no longer takes any shit from anyone!
There is much to be said of stepping into the rhythm of nature and honouring that within ourselves, in harmony with all around us. Coming into the Crone time of winter, it is a good time to reflect on what we want in our lives.
As I notice the trees and their ever changing beauty at this time of year, the wonderfully vibrant colours and the leaves that fall from the trees, ever so gracefully. Their time has come.
What are we ready to let go of with grace and ease? What seeds do you want to sow as we enter the dark season of nourishing regeneration?
The full moon, being the closest it has been to the earth in nearly 70 years, heightens our emotional awareness and gives us the opportunity to really look at what we want. We have spent far too long contemplating what we don’t want. What do you truly desire to make your life more fulfilling?

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